Release “Living Green with Gen G” music video- Panasonic Vietnam


In today’s world, combating climate change has become one of the most urgent issues worldwide. That’s why CFC Vietnam wants to share with you a very interesting dance music video, which is part of the “Living Green with Gen G” project sponsored by Panasonic Vietnam and supported by CFC Vietnam. The music video has the same name as the project and was composed by musician Nguyen Phuong Linh.

The “Living Green with Gen G” music video aims to increase our awareness of environmental protection and combating climate change. It brings colorful images of nature, promotes the use of green energy, and honors environmental protection actions such as turning off lights, reducing waste, and saving water. Additionally, the song brings a lively rhythm, encouraging people to exercise and move, while inspiring us to live a greener life and protect the environment.

Panasonic Vietnam is implementing this project to create community involvement in environmental protection. We hope that the “Living Green with Gen G” music video will be widely shared and contribute to spreading the message of living green to even more people.

If you haven’t watched this music video, quickly search for it and dance with us to protect the environment together!

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