Workshop: Happy Mother Happy Children on March 11, 2018


Celebrating International Women Day on March 08, the CFC joined with Pansonic and hosted a special workshop called “Happy Mother, Happy Children” on 11/3/2018.

Why is the topic Happy Mother, Happy Children? Because you can not give what you do not have. Every mother wants their children to live happily. In this workshop, we won’t discuss about “what is happiness?” The question is, how to be a mother who is able to raise happy children while she is not happy herself?

The workshop is special because of the new approach with experimental activities and cycle of sharing concerning the question of “how to be a happy mother and live in simplicity and equanimity?”

Ms. Hoang Anh, the COO of CFC, organized a completely unique seminar which would not have a presenter, nor Powerpoint, no background music or clips––only herself, with sincere things from the heart come to the other hearts.

After the experimental activity, it was cycle of sharing, where moms can share about what make them exhausted.


Women tend to hide away sadness, things that are “too embarrassing” deep inside their hearts, then feel so lonely in those negative feelings. However, if you open up and talk about it, you won’t feel alone or embarrassed anymore, because other moms have been struggling with the same things.

There is a simple way to help you boosting up your mood, such as:

Write down what make you lose your energy, because of your awareness, it will magically prevent you from losing energy, and help you to overcome it.

What makes you feel happy, please write it down also. Because when you feel sad or have low mood, you won’t have a clear mind as and when you feel calm. You should take the list that makes you happy out when you feel down, you will feel better and pick up your sword and go into the woods again.

All the lists should be kept up-to-date. You should write all down even small things. Happiness doesn’t only come from an Europe trip or three rooms apartment, a luxury car, but also comes from simplest things like a sense of grapefruit flower, a good book, a hug from people you love…

Before you go to bed, please think about at least three things that make you happy.

  • Using your positive energy to attract those things to you
  • Everything that you wrote and read, it is your reality, your life.
  • You will see your life is beautiful and worthwide.

About how to take a good care of yourself, before doing anything, spend some time to ask yourself: are these things that you choose reflecting yourself? From there, you won’t waste the time you should spend for yourself.

The participants had a great experience that day and felt like they shared and were listened to.

Let’s see some pictures of this special workshop.