Vinschool student makes poster to support the “Young Fighters against Covid19”


Ngo Minh Thanh (Facebook Thanh Ngo Minh), a 11th-grade student of Vinschool Times City, is one of the most creative young fighters against COVID19. He has done all the conventional things like taking out his savings to contribute money to the national anti-COVID19 programs and does not stop just there. With his passion for sketching on tablets, Thanh has created a series of posters to advocate for the Vietnam Government’s resolute policies to flatten the curve and drive the coronavirus away again. Let’s take a look at the recent works by Ngo Minh Thanh:

This is the English version of the poster:

Upon learning about the Campaign “Young Fighters against Covid19”, just in one evening Thanh released a special edition of this poster as a gift to CFC, X20 Garment Company and CVI Pharmaceutical Company, the organizations behind the “Young Fighters against Covid19” campaign. Thank you so much for this special gift to us, Thanh Ngo Minh!

CFC has been actively contributing to community activities in Vietnam to support the Government’s work to overcome COVID19. We recently launched a campaign “Young Fighters against Covid19”, promoting face mask-wearing and hand washing habits among young children. Hoang Anh, CFC COO, hosts regular weekly webinars on covid19-related topics, ranging from work-from-home tips to good parenting during prolonged home stay for young families.