Vietnam aims towards bridging the digital gap among children


Foreign Affairs and Intergration show of Nhan Dan TV had an interview with Ms. Rana Flowers, Representative of Unicef ​​Vietnam about Unicef’s new projects in Vietnam including the Reimaginary project.

Ms. Rana said that technology and digital will be their career opportunities and also the country’s economy. It is necessary to equip children’s strong skills to be able to apply and operate the digital world in the future and to deal with challenges. All of this is only through education.

Due to the Covid19 epidemic, children’s accessibility to education has been uneven, not only in terms of the Internet but also in devices. 40% of young people in Southeast Asia said they have basic digital skills such as using social media and online shopping sites, however, only 10% said they have advanced skills, such as programming software or analyzing data. UNICEF ​​has sponsored the Reimaginary project which seeks to bridge the digital gap between children across regions.

At the same time, the project also hopes to bring motivation for teachers and educational administrators in difficult areas to be proactive regarding the digital trend in the teaching process. Through modern and easy-to-access equipment that the project is implementing, students will be equipped with updated and practical knowledge, more creativity and joyfulness in the ahead life journey.