Using positive language in raising children


Language is not only a wonderful thing, but also a great tool for communication. Through their words and behaviors, we can somehow understand one’s personality. It is the same for young children. How a child grows up and becomes a person can be interpreted through what kind of language that she/he uses from an early age. Of course, it depends on the education of the family, where the child is raising in. It is undeniable that parents are the very first language teachers of the child. If the parents always use negative language to communicate with children since birth, it will affect the level of education, the development of personality, and the attitude of children later on. Hence, in the process of raising children, how should parents use language properly to interact with them? What positive language will encourage the children develop their characters? Moreover, how to contribute to the future success of young children?

Let’s find out the answers in the Living Skills program with the full content of using positive language in raising children.