Training workshop for primary school teachers from 5 provinces funded by project “Be Internet Awesome – Em an toàn hơn cùng Google” in Hanoi 15/07/2022


“Be Internet Awesome – Em an toàn hơn cùng Google” continued to be implemented with a training workshop at Quang Ba Trade Union Hotel on Friday, July 15th, marking the return of offline events organized by CFC after a long while due to Covid. The training workshop and seminar was jointly organized by the Department of Teachers, Ministry of Education & Training, with the contribution of Vietnam Cybersecurity Emergency Response Teams/Coordination Center (VNCERT/CC) of the Ministry of Information and Communications. We are also very honored to welcome Ms. Tammy Phan, Country Marketing Manager (CMM) of Google Vietnam to attend our seminar and give a closing remark.

“Be Internet Awesome – Em an toàn hơn cùng Google” is a training program on Online safety skills for children, developed and funded by Google, with CFC Vietnam being the focal unit that implements and Vietnameseizes contents together with Google .

During the training workshop, the teachers got to know more about common problems and risks when children join the Internet as well as 5 needed qualities for children to become a great Internet user: Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind and Brave. They also had access to various interesting learning resources and reference materials such as the online learning game Interland, short cartoon series called The Legends Family Adventure as well as suggestions on how to design lessons to teach students. A set of government regulations and policies on keeping children safe in cyberspace were also introduced in the workshop. From there, it helps teachers develop a more comprehensive view of Online safety skills so that they can convey and provide information, knowledge to students and assist them to explore the world of the Internet more confidently and safely.

Throughout the workshop, the teachers directly researched and went through the teaching materials and reference materials with the help of various resources, videos and games specially designed for the project. The training session went by with enthusiastic participation and responses, the participants also contributed endless discussions and suggestions to help us improve more contents to implement the project on a nationwide scale in the near future.

Below are some photos from the training workshop: