The educational program “Dating with Water” in Da Nang


The framework of the “Clean Water for Vietnamese Schools 2018” project in Da Nang was accompanied with the funding of the water filtration system for four secondary schools in Lien Chieu district. The project was also organized by an educational program “Dating with Water” for students of the four beneficiaries of Ekocenter. There were 200 students, represented four beneficiary schools, to visit the Hoa Minh Ekocenter and participate in educational activities and to raise awareness about the use of clean water and protect water resources, and to limit plastic waste as well.

Since then, the 200 students who joined the program have become a bridge to spread the message to improve access to clean drinking water for teachers and students, with the number of students from each school ranged from 800 to 1000 students. At the same time, it created positive influences on the improvement of the quality of life for students, specifically, and the community in Lien Chieu District, Da Nang, generally.