The Earth day event 20/4/2019


In the framework of the Commitment “Implementing the movement to prevent plastic waste” signed with the Minister of Natural Resources and  Vietnam Environment on October 12, 2018, Center for Environment and Community Studies together with Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee proposed 2019 Earth Day event initiative with the theme “For a world without waste––Minimize use towards eliminating disposable plastic products.”

This initiative is designed to raise awareness and understanding for the community about the harmful effects of plastic waste on the ocean, the economy and human health, thereby promoting active participation of people. people, mass organizations, businesses, social organizations, youths, students, and altered behavior and acted not to use disposable plastic items such as straws, plastic cups, spoon of fork, foam box, plastic bag, raincoats…

Earth Day 2019 event has actively contributed to the movement “Anti-plastic waste” launched by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and motivated the parties to create initiatives and solutions to replace disposable plastic products, step by step building a recirculating economy for Vietnam.

The event was held on the morning of April 20, 2019, at the area of 2 Le Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi with the participation of numerous people in 18 wards, primary schools, Women’s Union, mass organizations, restaurants, hotels in Hoan Kiem district, international organizations, embassies, non-governmental organizations, universities, press agencies, television in Hanoi. Various activities are organized including the opening ceremony of the event, music performances and dance dancing, marathon running around Hoan Kiem Lake, areas of minimizing recycling and recycling initiatives waste and interactive activities, recycling waste recycling booths, and an interactive game activity.

CFC also contributed an interactive operating space with contents on reducing plastic waste. The plastic football game always í the mót attractive item. Let’s take a tour through the event!