The acceptance of the water filtration system at the Truong Thinh Secondary School, Hanoi, 30/03/2018


On March 31, 2018, the CFC organized the acceptance of the drinking water filtration system at the Truong Thinh secondary school, Ung Hoa District, Hanoi.

The filtration system is sponsored by Coca-Cola Beverage Company within the framework of the project “Clean Water for Vietnamese Schools” and installed by the Institute of Technology of Hanoi University of Industry.

This is the tap water filter system that applies new technology with an industrial capacity of 3000l/day, by Hanoi University of Industry combining with Coca-Cola Company in coordinating research, development and manufacture. The water source, in Ung Hoa district, is well-known for bad quality. However, with the high technology, the polluted water is treated and qualified for QUATEST standards, as well as can be drunk directly.

The secondary school Truong Thinh is one of the two schools in the Ung Hoa District. It was chosen to be the first one to receive this water filtration system. After four months of proceeding the project with surveying, manufacturing and installation, the system has been completed and was handed over to the school for use. From now on, students can happily drinking free clean water at their school.

This is the first water filtration system in the project “Clean Water for Vietnamese schools,” with the expectation to install six other systems for schools in Hanoi’s suburban districts; and 65 more systems within the next 6 years for secondary schools in Da Nang. The CFC is a partner who in charge of implementing the project “Clean water for Vietnamese schools” funded by Coca-Cola.