Summary of the program “SM- COVID 19 Emergency response” to support single mothers


Our current information has shown that after more than a week, the book “Notes from My Travels” by Angelina Jolie has sold 110 copies, surpassing all of our team’s expectations. All profits will be used for the Single Mother Support Fund. With 110 books sold, the fund has an additional 5,190,000 VND, which can support 17 mothers. After selling 110 books so quickly, we must first say thank you to the community for being so generous and trusting. Thank you for supporting the single mother community and this book. Besides, we would also like to thank all of you at CFC for volunteering to support the wrapping and shipping of books.

In addition, CFC Vietnam also received 1,200,000 VND from others to support the community. Thus, in total, the Single Mother Support Fund currently has 6,390,000 VND. CFC will continue to coordinate with the admins of the single mother group to review documents and send money to support mothers in difficult circumstances. The current level of support from the fund is still 300k/mother, unless there are special and urgent cases. SingleMom community ( is the largest single mother community in Vietnam today with more than 30,666 members. It helps mothers in the same area connect, share joy in life, help each other overcome difficulties, learn about raising children, and do business together. The community is led by Ms. Tang Duyen Hong, the CEO and founder of Coin for Change. She coordinates with members of the community, who volunteer to participate as admins.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many mothers have been affected in terms of income, employment, babysitting, and illness, so this is the first time that CFC cooperates with Coin for Change to support community members. We hope that this support helps mothers with material difficulties a little, but also supports and encourages mothers a lot, so that everyone understands that single mothers are not alone. We are also very happy to share that after 28 days of raising funds, the Single Mother Support Fund won a prize of 80,800,000 VND to support 27 single mothers with small children and in difficult circumstances in 19 provinces and cities across the country. CFC is very pleased and proud to join the community of friends near and far to join hands to contribute and support. Again, many thanks for your material and spiritual support. CFC team.