Amidst the current Covid situation, most children live and function within online environments. Many parents as well as educational institutions have taken extreme measures to prevent children from exposure to the Internet. However, following the current shifting trends, our activities will increasingly take place on online platforms, therefore extreme preventive measures are unfeasible and resistive. Rather, we need to supply knowledge and skills, building awareness for children so that they can protect themselves, adapt and explore the online world in a safe and appropriate manner – this is the spirit of “Be Internet Awesome” and the general message that the program wants to communicate.

With this spirit, on Sunday (November 7, 2021), the Department of Education and Training of Lao Cai Province cooperated with the Center for Consultancy on Family Health and Community Development (CFC Vietnam) to organise a training session under the program “Be Internet Awesome” for teachers in Lao Cai Province via Zoom Cloud Meetings, with contents surrounding the topic of Internet safety for children, particularly focusing on online safety skills for children based on the 5 qualities Intelligence – Alertness – Strength – Kindness – Courage. From there, teachers can relay on the information and knowledge to help students explore the Internet world confidently and safely. The training session was interspersed with practical problem solving activities where the teachers contributed by presenting real-life scenarios related to children’s uses of the Internet; embarking on discussions with the teachers in order to come up with the best resolutions for students.

The training session was organised and carried out excitingly with enthusiastic participation, support and engagement from teachers across Lao Cai Province. CFC Vietnam would like to express gratitude and send our best wishes to all the teachers participating in the training session, we hope to continue accompanying the teachers on this journey of imparting knowledge to Vietnamese youth, thus make our dedicated contribution to create positive values for the community. Here are some pictures from the training sessions.

Media reporting on the training event in Lao Cai:


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