Peace Culture Day Hochiminh City 2019


On December 8, Peace Culture Day 2019 (PCD – Peace Culture Day) officially took place at District 7 Stadium, TP. HCM. This is an annual featured event of Hochiminh City Peace & Development Fund. HCM (HPDF).

With a mission of uplifting and prompting community about the importance of building a peaceful culture, PCD was organized held for the first time in 2018 with sponsorship and support from UNESCO, UNICEF, and some consulates in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

The operation of PCD 2019 has turned around topics of school violence, violence against women and particularly violence and abuse in the online environment (social networks) of the youth.

This year’s PCD also features famous experts, famous scholars, artists, activists and many other stakeholders. The sharing of the situation as well as the solution in combating violence and abuse of artists, experts, … was supported by many attendees.

C.F.C. was also honored to contribute a part of the event’s success through exhibits and interactions at Space 02: Live sympathy. Visitors are recreated childhood memories with time-consuming games such as mandarins, participate in answering questions relating to children’s rights, preventing school violence, about family affection…. Along with many meaningful and very interesting gifts.

The event brought people in Ho Chi Minh City is a useful playground, many messages have been sent to society completely integrity and dedication. C.F.C. Vietnam would like to sincerely thank you for your support enduring the time of preparing and taking place the event and sincerely thank to Alphabook Company donated 50 books as gifts for the event.