Our partners

CFC works with partner organizations both in the public sector, private sector to improve outreach of our programs and interventions to different communities of parents,  small children and high school students in Vietnam. We also work closely with other Vietnamese NGOs, international NGOs and student organizations for synergy and added impact in our activities.

Our strategic partner organizations are:

1339386366_logo_logocefacom-last-smallCEFACOM (http://cefacom.vn): built and developed from prevention programs for sexually abuse children (CSAP) in 2001, the Research Center for Family Health and Community Development (CEFACOM) operates in the field of promoting children’s rights; prevention of child abuse; health, including nutrition, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS; gender equality; domestic violence prevention; access to clean water; sanitation; and hygiene.


KidsOnline JSC (http://kidsonline.edu.vn) is a Vietnamese educational technology startup that provides a cloud-based kindergarten management system that includes  a smart app for school-parent communication,  in which parents instantly and conveniently get information from kindergartens on their children’s activities.  KidsOnline has been used in over 80 kindergartens in Vietnam that takes care of over 10,000 pre-school kids. In 2017, KidsOnline is in the process of collaborating with the UNICEF Vietnam’s Integrated Early Childhood Education Development program to bring its smart app to more kindergartens in disadvantaged areas of Vietnam.


Project Vietnam Foundation (http://projectvietnam.org) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization working to create sustainable pediatric healthcare in Vietnam through training for health personnel, while providing health assistance to impoverished rural areas across the country.

Project Vietnam has worked in needy provinces of Vietnam since 1996. Current ongoing programs consist of improvement of healthcare for newborn and pediatric emergency services, promoting sustainable standards for Infection Control, and the development of services for children with special healthcare needs Project Vietnam has worked at 24 sites in Vietnam, trained a total of 43 provinces, and initiated interventions which have resulted in significant reduction in child mortality/morbidity and improved rural healthcare.


The Consortium to Advance School Psychology – International (CASP-I) http://www.casp-i.org/ is dedicated to establishing the discipline, profession, and services of School Psychology in needed countries around the world through a framework of multilateral approach and collaboration. CASP-I is making strides in collaborating with institutions in Vietnam to establish pilot educational programs (e.g., the Education Program Development Initiative) in the discipline of School Psychology.

CFC partners with CASP-I to promote the concept of School Psychology and co-organize CASP-I activities in Vietnam since 2017.

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