Launching the book series “Explore the World with AR Technology” for preschool children


In April 2021, during the project “Applying AR and VR technologies to two levels of education in Vietnam,” which was funded by UNICEF Vietnam and implemented by CFC, educational technology startup Umbalena launched the book series “Explore the world with AR technology” for preschool children. It is completely free to download. After downloading the Umbalena application and registering for a free account, parents and children will see a set of 10 books with augmented reality (AR) applications, including:
1 Animals in the Sea
2 Playing Sports with Balls
3 Insect World
4 Colorful Leaves
5 Eating Vegetables Together
6 Transportation
7 Familiar Instruments
8 Planets in the Solar System
9 Fruits Around You
10 “Famous” Dinosaurs
When reading the book, on each page, select “Watch AR” and let your child play/follow the instructions on the screen.
At the end of each book, there is a small quiz. For children who do not know how to read, choose “listen to the question” so that the application reads the question out loud for the children to hear and answer. You can see the instructions here to download the Umbalena app and experience these AR books with your kids: