Launch of the Smart Digital Citizenship Handbook


The Smart Digital Citizenship Project, sponsored by and implemented by CFC Vietnam, with the aim to increase Internet safety and smart online behaviors for 1 million Vietnamese youth has launched the free Smart Digital Citizenship Handbook.

With 09 sections sharing practical concepts and tips around the various aspects of smart digital citizenship, the Handbook is a hands-on guide for young people in particular and the community in general:

Section 1: Profile of a “smart digital citizen”

Section 2: The law adherence principle

Section 3: The “take responsibility” principle

Section 4: The information safety and confidentiality principle

Section 5: Healthy online behaviors

Section 6: Real life on a virtual network

Section 7: Managing time online

Section 8: Smart detection of online fraud/impersonation

Section 9: Golden rules to avoid online fraud/impersonation

Link to download: