Experiencing cybersecurity with CFC – Be internet awesome at MIS INNOVATION DAY 4/10/2021


Last Saturday morning, April 10, 2021, the Multi-Intelligence Education System (MIS) organized the MISINNOVATION DAY. Focusing on the themes of Culture – Creativity – Science – Technology, the DAY attracted the attention of parents, students, and providers of new technology products for education.

Besides the robotics experience activities for the kids, there were also many fun and interesting activities such as Cho Phien, Thi Ai is a millionaire, etc… CFC Vietnam also gave the children a chance to experience a new life. Google’s internet safety program, Be Internet Awesome, is world-famous. The kids were guided to play highly educational games on online safety skills with important topics such as digital identity preservation, online fraud/bullying, etc…

We invite you to watch and share the report on the program conducted by VTC: