provides grant to support CFC to raise the awareness about online safety and digital responsibility for Vietnamese youth


In Vietnam, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in daily life, especially during the period of social distancing and the inevitable trend of digital transformation. As of January 2021, Vietnam has 69 million Internet users in January 2021, which accounts for 70.3% of the total population, and 72 million social media accounts. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, with more people working and transacting online, online scams and frauds are also on the rise. People are sharing news without checking the source, reliability and authenticity of the information. In schools, digital media literacy and online safety have not yet been included in the official curriculum. There are limited educational content and videos on Internet safety and digital responsibility programs available in Vietnam.


Smart digital citizenship project implements Training and Video creation campaign aiming at 1 million Vietnamese students in 2022

In this context, CFC Vietnam, a pioneer in online safety training and online safety skills education with experience in training thousands of teachers and schools in Vietnam, has taken an initiative oriented towards smart digital skilling for Vietnamese youth. The project is supported by, and implemented by CFC Vietnam. The project’s objectives aim to: raising awareness of digital responsibility for young Internet users in Vietnam; improving knowledge about the influence and digital footprint of Internet users for Vietnamese youth; help young Internet users recognize fake news and prevent online fraud and scams;

By the end of 2022, the project aims to reach and raise awareness for 1 million young Internet users, especially Vietnamese youth and students. The project will be implemented with three themes: (1) Prevention of online fraud; (2) Behave politely online and (3) Live an authentic life on virtual networks. These themes are expressed through three main activities: training activities, organizing a campaign to create 1-minute video clips with the content to encourage Vietnamese youth to practice civilized online discussions, and thirdly, producing and spreading video clips and songs with the content topics of the project.

Statement of the representative of about the project: Young adults with digital skills are able to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. That’s why we are very excited to provide this grant to support CFC’s Smart Digital Citizen project, to help so many Vietnamese teenagers navigate the digital world safely and be able to participate in the nation’s developing digital economy” Ms. Marija Ralic, Manager, Google Asia Pacific.

Speaking about the project, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuan, Director of VNCERT said: “In 2021, the Prime Minister issued the Program “Protecting and supporting children to have healthy and creative interactions in the online environment for the period of 2021 – 2025”, with content focusing on children. The Civilized Digital Citizenship project supported by Google will be a useful complement to this program, helping to expand the audience, raise awareness about online safety and civilized behavior online for young people and students in Viet Nam. “  

Sharing about the project, Ms. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Operations Director of CFC Vietnam said: “CFC is very excited to launch this program in Vietnam. With the support of Google and the partnership of domestic partners, the project is expected to spread to 1 million Vietnamese teenagers and students. In addition, the project will also compose and implement a training content on “Smart Digital Citizenship”, which is expected to be a set of documents with overall content, practical stories designed specifically for Vietnamese youth, helping to raise awareness and skills for young people to interact safely and civilly in the online environment.”

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