Get acquainted with the children with Digital Intelligence – Digital Intelligence

Today CFC will bring a new kind of intelligence that scientists have calculated that need to be measured and developed for all present and future generations – DQ – Digital Intelligence Quotient – ​​Digital Intelligence. For children and young people, the digital world is extremely interesting and attractive, but what is the risk, where and how to protect it, most of them have very little information. For example, when encountering cyberbullying – cyberbullying young people, teenagers just starting to get acquainted with the network do not know how to handle it? DQ is a synthesis of technical, social, and emotional skills; It is something that can be learned, practiced and developed. 8 digital life skills recommended by DQ Institute, to be able to use technology and digital communication safely, responsibly and effectively. An online program designed for children and young people in a game style, easy to understand, easy to learn. The program has won two awards from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in 2012 and 2013. Parents, let’s experience this vast DQ World with your children. Here are the steps to use: 1.Go to website: or 2. Register an account for individuals and children 3. Activate the account from the email sent. 4. Sign in to the educational game program and learn and practice digital skills. The program is only available in English, so you can learn digital skills while learning English at the same time! Source:
Book: Me, Future & World, Nguyen Phi Van. P/s: 8 digital skills 1. Digital citizen identification 2. Screen time management – ​​Online time management 3. Cyberbulling management – ​​Online terrorism management 4. Cyber ​​security management 5. Privacy management – ​​Personal information management 6. Critical thinking – Critical thinking 7. Digital footprints – Digital history 8. Digital empathy – The ability to empathize.