Donations to Nhan Chinh Deaf School, Hanoi on July 26th 2019


CFC has always been supporting schools for the deaf through many activities: building websites, developing children’s reading skills, donating computers, etc. Entering the new academic year of 2019 – 2020, with an aim to providing a more fully-equipped and secure learning environment, CFC has called on various organizations to co-sponsor the school and has received participation from Kidsonline, OMT, OOC, Conera and Ahatech with a donation packet of 30 million VND. The money is spent on repainting the classrooms, buying tables and chairs, and renovation the area for boarding students.

Ms. Dang Minh Nguyet, the school principal, said that the students studying here are mostly from other provinces. Most of their families, usually in rural areas, are in difficult circumstances, with their parents earning very low income and having to rent a house for accommodation. The school has approximately 90 students, and up to 27 of them are in especially difficult circumstances.

Nhan Chinh Deaf School’s managing board has extended thanks to sponsors, and led them to visit the school facilities, including classrooms, rehabilitation rooms, and the garden with vegetables grown by the students themselves.

We expect that in the coming time, there will be more organizations joining hands with us to spread these acts of kindness.

For more information about the program, you can visit the article on Humanitarian and Life online newspaper.