Covid Young fighters Campaign

????̂́? ??̃ ???́ ???̣̂? ????? The non-profit program is implemented by CFC Vietnam NGO in association with X20 Joint Stock Company – General Department of Logistics – Ministry of Defense and CVI Pharma, with the mission of protecting Vietnamese children’s health and improving children’s health. people’s spirit against Covid. (Videoclip) Frontline – doctors and nurses fighting with Covid patients day and night; The army and police also stepped in to help control the epidemic. Ten million Vietnamese children are also important soldiers contributing to Vietnam’s victory over the Covid epidemic if they know how to protect themselves and spread the message of protection to the community.
  X20 antibacterial mask – The product of X20 Joint Stock Company – General Department of Logistics – Ministry of Defense – was born by the responsibility of enterprises The Army joins hands for the community to repel the COVID-19 epidemic – Outstanding dust prevention feature, minimizing the penetration of bacteria/viruses transmitted through the respiratory tract – Can prevent bacteria from multiplying up to 20 washes. – Obtained the standard and quality certification of the Vietnam Textile and Garment Research Institute; Institute of medical equipment and works – Ministry of Health – The product has 2 sizes: Kindergarten & Primary Hand Fresh antibacterial hand sanitizer gel – Products of CVI Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (CVI Pharma) – increased production to meet people’s safety needs in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. – Absolute antibacterial feature, helping to fight bacteria / viruses – Pleasant scent; Non-allergic/irritating to skin – Acquired quality certificate from Hanoi Department of Health. – The product is available in 50ml and 400ml versions
Campaign message: “I am a Child Soldier I am determined to kill Covy.” Equip your child with the Child Soldier’s power weapon set ?Level 1 equipment – 37k 5 protective masks (antibacterial) ?Level 2 equipment – 59k 5 protective masks (antibacterial) + 1 hand sanitizer 50ml to defeat Covid ?Level 3 equipment – 119k 5 protective (antibacterial) masks + 1 50ml hand sanitizer gel to defeat Covid + 1 400ml hand sanitizer gel ?Level 4 equipment – 199k (For kid squad) 12 protective masks (antibacterial) + 2 50ml hand sanitizer gels to defeat Covid + 1 400ml hand sanitizer gel Parents, please refer to information at Website: và FB Fanpage: