Color fishing village – Spread the good thing together


In 2014, a humanitarian project was implemented by Quang Ninh province with the goal of bringing thousands of fishermen in fishing villages in the Ha Long Bay heritage complex to settle down for free. But after more than 3 years of implementation, the project is facing many problems. The whole family of 5 and 6 members waited on the old, torn boat.

Ha Phong fishing village is located in zone 8 of Ha Phong ward (Ha Long city) with an area of ​​8 ha, including 8 grade 4 houses, cement foundation and corrugated roof with 364 adjacent apartments. This is the gathering place of nearly 400 households from floating fishing villages that once lived in the core zone of Ha Long Bay heritage, which was moved by Quang Ninh Province to settle down since 2014. However, after just one year of ashore, people had difficulties in earning their living. In fact, fishing village residents are not educated. Therefore, the majority of illiterate people, to earn jobs on the shore, is a difficult problem to solve.

There are no jobs, large families, implications start which impact strongly on the life of the fishermen. Lack of living conditions, debt, fishermen have to sell the boat to get money to cover. In the project, they just have the area of ​​residential land (houses and auxiliary works), people have no land to change their careers to agricultural production, cultivation or animal husbandry to serve the minimum daily life. This difficulty makes most of them who have to go back to their old and living jobs in Ha Long Bay by catching seafood and rowing passengers

Fishermen that catch seafood due to small means, only near-shore fishing, have low yields, so they are unable to work hard and suffer more. People rowing boat passengers for travel companies, the average salary is 3 million VND / month, take care of themselves and get 2 days / month to visit home. Seafood cages are removed because they are not included in the planning, leaving only uninhabited old houses in the heart of the estate to make tourism “products”.

In this context, the Center for Family Health and Community Development has researched applications to recycle plastic bottles (such as Dasani’s Coca-Cola bottle) to plant trees, to make chandeliers from plastic bottles and paints. new cultural house Quarter 8 in the area of ​​re-settling fishing village in Ha Phong as a gift on the occasion of the old year passes, the new year approaches the spirit of people trying to overcome the immediate difficulties as well as propaganda directing people to clean green life, to protect the environment, and to reduce plastic waste.

The project has been fully funded by Coca-Cola Vietnam Beverage Company, Melia Hotel is a donor of plastic bottles and CFC Vietnam. The handover ceremony was held on January 15, 2019 just before the New Year’s Eve, bringing the spring atmosphere with colorful flower pots and colorful chandeliers. Let’s look at the memorable images of the project with CFC