Coca-Cola Vietnam and C.F.C Vietnam were awarded certificate for contributions of clean water and environmental protection in Danang’s education


On 9th January 2020, Da Nang Department of Education and Training organized a presentation contest “Students in Da Nang against plastic waste.”Eni

Attending were contestants from 31 junior high and high schools in the city. It can be said that at present, plastic waste is an urgent issue of Vietnam in general and Da Nang City in particular. If there are no feasible solutions to solve this problem, the consequences will be very heavy and last hundreds of years. Therefore, the purpose of the contest is to guide every student of the city to be an active propagandist contributing to the propaganda on environmental protection, mobilizing people to say no to plastic waste.

This is a useful playground, a practical experience education activity to help students raise awareness, increase their ability to think creatively about environmental protection and prevention of plastic waste; from there, propose practical solutions, ideas and models that generate interest in the community on environmental protection and sustainable development.

At the same time, contribute to propaganda and education to raise awareness about the role of environmental protection in the quality of life.

On this occasion, Da Nang Department of Education and Training awarded certificates for contributions to clean water and environmental sanitation of the education sector and Danang City for Coca-Cola Vietnam and C.F.C. Vietnam

C.F.C Vietnam gets certificate of leader of Danang Education sector

In the two years of 2018-2019, Coca-Cola sponsored 12 secondary schools 12 water purification systems with a total value of over 3 billion VND to bring clean drinking water for 12,958 students and teachers in the city with more than 3 million liters of water each year,

It is expected that in 2020, Coca-Cola Company will continue to sponsor 8 drinking water filtration systems for 8 secondary schools in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. News articles on the event: