Children help children read in Bình Thanh – Cao Phong


Together with CFC, go back in time while we highlight the lovely and happy moments of Hanoi’s children and their parents and small children in Binh Thanh Kindergarten in the program Children help children read books on the last March 20th.

The trip to Hoa Binh was impressive with 4 turns of steep climb to Cao Phong, but the young people were excited and laughed. Arriving at Binh Thanh Kindergarten, the group was warmly welcomed by the children in the art room, although the time was short but the stories of the young people reading together were very attentive and amused with the participation of 170 children and 200 new books brought by CFC.

In the lunch, the Muong village will be experienced with a dish of local food. Then the group went visit the Heritage Park, which children dragged the net, sailing, the pine forest, eating waffles, goat milk and milk from Ba Vi on the way to Hanoi.

The trip was closed but the smiles of everyone was always forever. See CFC’s friends in the next wonderful tríp!