The Center for Consultancy on Family Health and Community Development (also known as CFC) is a Vietnamese civil society organization founded by older sisters who are passionate about educating and protecting children, as well as fighting against the struggle for women’s rights. CFC, predecessor to CEFACOM, works with the aim of promoting child rights, universal education and empowerment of women. Inheriting the achievements of CEFACOM, CFC continues to carry out the mission of creating positive foundations and a safe environment for the comprehensive development of children.

The strength of the CFC is to have a network of volunteer groups, social groups with the same objectives, cooperation with schools, educators, experts at home and abroad who have the same concern for the development of children in Vietnam. CFC’s slogan is “Together will go further.”

As a young and modern organization, CFC also promotes the use of Internet and information technology in education and awareness of community, effective communication to wider and further audiences.