CFC -2020 welcomes a new decade


Entering a new decade, let’s look back at the important milestones achieved by CFC during the past year.

Clean Water Project for Vietnamese Schools: This is a project sponsored by Coca-Cola with the aim of increasing the chances of students using clean water and sanitation in Hanoi and Da Nang in a sustainable way. . By the end of 2019, CFC had installed 18 clean water filtration systems for schools in disadvantaged areas and delivered education programs on water and sanitation to more than 15,520 direct beneficiaries. Total investment of the project up to 2019 is 243,187 USD.

Clean drinking water poles for the community: The project of installing 10 water poles clean drinking water at the tap for people and tourists in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The project is funded by Coca-Cola and Dupont. This is the first co-sponsored project between these two big brands.

Reproductive health training: This project aims to improve health adolescent sexual health by reducing unsafe sex practices and acquiring sexually transmitted infections through Comprehensive and in-depth training courses. In early 2020, CFC cooperated with Samsung Electronics Vietnam in Thai Nguyen to conduct 3-day internal training for 20 SEV students.

Parenting 4.0: CFC cooperates with Panasonic Risupia in one series of workshops on parenting skills held nationwide. Since 2017, 15 workshops were held, attracting more than 300 parents to participate.

Hành trình thứ hai của chai nhựa: năm 2018, CFC và Cá Collaborative Art & Architectural Library Fish Collaborative Art & Architecture had the idea to give plastic bottles a second life by creating a creative recycling playground from more than 5,000 used plastics for children in the village. Ha Thai on the outskirts of Hanoi. (Liên kết video dự án)

Fishing village welcomes spring: In Ha Phong fishing village, Ha city Long, Quang Ninh province, CFC painted the walls, donated 600 flowers and 25 chandeliers made from plastic bottles, bringing to the fishing village people a joyful and warm 2019 Lunar New Year atmosphere. 

Children help children read books: Initiative to encourage children in Urban support and bring books to children in remote areas, read books together and support the library of books in rural schools. Since 2017, the project has brought nearly 1500 books with 88 children in Hanoi to 4,200 children in Hoa Binh, Vinh Phuc, Thai Binh and Nhan Chinh School for the Deaf in Hanoi

Nhan Chinh School for Deaf Children: CFC has a tradition of supporting Annual school assistant with many activities: Support to build websites, develop reading skills, donate computers… In the 2019-2020 school year, with the desire to support schools and students with better learning conditions, CFC has called for many businesses Co-sponsored the school to repaint the classrooms, buy more tables and chairs, and renovate the boarding area.

Cultural Program of Peace: Under the auspices of UNESCO Vietnam Nam and UNICEF Viet Nam, CFC is one of 30 groups and organizations working with the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Organization. Ho Chi Minh City (HPDF) to organize Ho Chi Minh City Peace Culture Day in 2018 and 2019. The program attracts more than 2000 Vietnamese and foreign tourists every year.

Leadership training programs: As a young and women-led NGO, CFC is always selected and participates in leadership development programs, most notably MASHAV’s Capacity Building Program in Israel (2018), IATSS Forum in Japan (2019) and YSEALI Economic Empowerment Fellowship of the US State Department in the US (2020)

We are always looking to connect with like-minded organizations and individuals who share the same mission of creating a safe environment and supportive platform for children across continents. Visit us at or contact us at