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Skilling Up Young Disruptors, Dreamers, and Doers

July 15, 2021 by Kelly Cannon As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, I spent over two years teaching English at a...

Working together, to enrich the way children explore the world

  First series of Augmented Realities books made available to Vietnamese children, initiated by the UNICEF-sponsored XR project With the support of the project...

Get acquainted with the children with Digital Intelligence – Digital Intelligence

Today CFC will bring a new kind of intelligence that scientists have calculated that need to be measured and developed for all...

Covid Young fighters Campaign

????̂́? ??̃ ???́ ???̣̂? ????? https://chiensinhi.novaonx.net/ The non-profit program is implemented by CFC Vietnam...

CFC -2020 welcomes a new decade

Entering a new decade, let's look back at the important milestones achieved by CFC during the past year.