About CFC

The Center for Consultancy on Family Health and Community Development (CFC) is a Vietnamese Non-profit Organization, established by Decision No. 103/QD-LHHVN by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (Vietnam Union of Associations – VUSTA) in February 2012. We are founded by a team of dedicated early childhood educators, child rights advocates and experienced project managers. We operate in the field of promoting children’s rights; promoting education for all; access to education, especially education for children with special needs; promotion of technology-enabled early childhood education; increasing access to the Internet and mobile technology for children in disadvantaged areas.


CFC teams up with schools, educators, civil organizations and policy advocacy entities in Vietnam and internationally to provide project-management services and consulting services to enhance the capacity of existing government and non-government organizations through providing information, knowledge and skills relevant to education for all, child protection; access to education for children with special needs; increased use of the Internet and mobile technology in education.

Since 2016, we have formed strategic partnerships with educational technology startup KidsOnline (www.kidsonline.edu.vn) to improve outreach of our programs and interventions to the younger, Internet-savvy, mobile-savvy audience of parents of small children and high school students in Vietnam.
We are also working closely with other Vietnamese NGOs, international NGOs and student organizations for synergy and added impact in our activities.
Read more about our activities designed for these target group in the Activities section.

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