“A day of Linh” – a clip on prevention of Covid-19 by Ministry of Health in collaboration with UNICEF


Although seriously implement social distancing at home, but parents and children are always get ready for the day of returning to school!

collaborate toUNICEF Vietnam Launched a cartoon clip, introducing 9 things to remember in COVID-19 prevention for students

Especially, the clip has been transformed into sign language by Tran Minh Tran, also a deaf student, , so that the hearing impaired can follow.

CFC has been actively contributing to community activities in Vietnam to support the Government’s work to overcome covid19. We recently launched a campaign “Young Fighters against Covid19”, promoting face mask-wearing and hand washing habits among young children. Hoang Anh, CFC COO, hosts regular weekly webinars on covid19-related topics, ranging from work-from-home tips to good parenting during prolonged home stay for young families.”.