05 clean drinking water filtration systems have been completed and installed at universities in Hanoi

Clean drinking water project for Hanoi city 2019-2020 has been installed and successfully put into use 5 clean drinking water cylinders directly at 05 universities University of Hanoi: University of Science and Technology, College of Education, University National Economics, Central College of Education, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, National University Hanoi family. The project was started in mid-2019 by Coca-Cola Vietnam Beverage Company and Sponsored by DuPont, CFC Vietnam coordinates the implementation and Wasol is the producer.
The water pillars are designed to be compact and modern. Wattage water cylinder up to 80 liters/hour, the output water quality meets drinking water standards at faucet of the Ministry of Health. This is one of the first products to combine super technology UF filter and RO reverse osmosis with 2 faucets including direct water intake and water intake faucet into the bottle. 05 water poles have been installed and put into use in turn at universities in the midst of the Covid epidemic raging around the world, The project has also gone through a difficult period due to social distancing measures to prevent momentum spread of disease. Overcoming obstacles, with coordination from university leaders The project has completed the following phase with 05 clean drinking water filtration systems at Hanoi University of Technology, University of Education, National Economics University, National College of Education, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hanoi National University Students and teachers are very excited and enjoy project application. The water pillar has contributed to beautifying the school’s general landscape and reducing plastic waste in the campus of the lecture hall.
The project looks forward to continuing to receive the community’s support in using and preserving the system so that the systems can serve the community for a long time.